A fanmade love letter to the Mario franchise that brings back stages from his former 2D and 3D adventures.


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Download Links

Latest version (SAGE 2018)

Download it now!

Mirror (MFGG)

These two are the ONLY official download links for Super Mario Flashback. If you've downloaded the game from somewhere else before please do a virus scan!

Older Builds

Engine Test 2 Engine Test 1 (SAGE 2017)

Demo 3 (SAGE 2016) Demo 2

Demo 1 (SAGE 2015)

The Team

Mors: Lead Developer, Programmer, Designer etc.

Darkonius Mavakar: Level Designer

Neweegee: Pixel Artist

Gaem: Pixel Artist

Antonin: Pixel Artist

Cruise Elroy: Pixel Artist

Caliginous: Pixel Artist

Toony: Pixel Artist

Can of Nothing: Composer

Catonator: Additional Programming

Additional Credits

Shiwan: Logo Design

Gatete: Various Scripts

alexandervrs: exInput

YellowAfterlife: Apollo

Special thanks to Superstarxalien, Renhoek and Genstar for moderating the Discord server.